Plant Endotherapy What is It?

Plant EndoTherapy, is an alternative method of phytosanitary treatment of urban woodland, regarding traditional aerial treatments, in which emphasizes, on the one hand, the absence of sprays or spraying of chemicals that pollute the environment, soil and water, as well as be completely harmless to the health of the citizens, birds and other animals, and can be used at any time of the day. In addition, has the advantage to focus treatment, thus avoiding indiscriminate sprays. 

This system consists of injecting into the trunk of a nutrient or plant substance that is distributed throughout the vascular system of the plant. The history of Plant EndoTherapy or Trunk Injection, dates back to the Renaissance, was Leonardo Da Vinci made the first tests with arsenic in the trees. The system was developed in the USA and Italy, until our days. 

In these countries the rise of Plant EndoTherapy or Trunk Injection, who has managed to move the aerial treatments, even such was making its use in some cities and States. Currently, there are three sets of Plant EndoTherapy: gravimetric (by absorption of the tree), constant pressure or pressure micro, macro infusion and variable pressure.


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