Roots Stump Extractions

We have a service of stumps extractions, roots of trees already cut, either in private gardens as developing public.
Depends on each case used a system or another, these works are valued according to the diameter of the stump and the depth we need.

Destaconado de RaícesDestaconado de Raíces

One of the main problems of the pruning or felling are the remains of plant material which are generated. We have of machines plant material (branches and trunks) crushers reducing crushed remnants (splinters).
We reuse remains crushed in flower beds, mulch or land they shredded plant remains are three fundamental functions in the management of our gardens. They can first serve, to decorate. Second, to prevent the growth of herbs and the last and most important, it provides organic matter to plants and trees.

Destaconadora de RaícesDestaconadora de Raíces


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