Application of the method and/or system

Prior to the application, a thorough assessment of the tree will be to determine its pathophysiological State. The application of the product will take place through some nozzles or devices (depending of the type of system or method to apply), ranging in holes made in the trunk to some depth. These holes are made with a special drill bit to prevent scrap wood in the trunk and can generate possible future infections to the tree.


The minimum number of perforations will depend on the perimeter and tree species. It may discriminate, always positively, the amount of holes (depending on the geometry of the trunk) in order to better standardize the application. These nozzles are equipped with a check valve and safety to prevent dispersion of the product on the environment and this contact with the operator and the users.


Plant Endotherapy or Trunk injection applications extend to any type of tree with application times ranging from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Both pests and fungal diseases with a prolonged effectiveness of one year can be treated. Treatment is specific, because it will only act against phytophagous insects thus respecting the phytoseiid mites. Having a great persistence of product (over 1 year) prevents the problems of resistance.


Plant Endotherapy or Trunk Injection is a treatment that works from the flow capacity of sap flowing inside of vascular tissues (xylem basically). Sap flow is determined according to two parameters: the transpiration and photosynthesis. Therefore, when we have these two variables in operation, treatment will work to the maximum.


Broadly speaking, the hardwoods were in spring while than conifers in autumn having variation in function of the species and the plague to be treated. But the advantage of these fitoterapias or treatments is that they can be applied during the course of the year and at any time, only varying effects on the speed of translocation due to the station in which it is applied.


Note that not all trees have the same degree of permeability of the product, so we will have more porous than other species. To solve this problem, the machine has built a working pressure regulator. So there is excess pressure or if the tree is very affected and weak, to help you in the mechanism of translocation thus ensuring perfect penetration of the product.


The machine respects the thresholds of constant pressure as determined by the applicator and regulated by the regulator pressure that has the machine incorporated, since it only works to the pre-set pressure to prevent mechanical damage to the vascular system of the plant.


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