Trunk Injections a revolutionary system

Trunk injection system, offers an alternative that is much more effective for the treatment of trees, since substances go directly into the vascular system of the tree. The system, offers an alternative for the treatment of trees since the substances go directly to the tree, resulting in more effective and thus not contaminating the environment.

- Rapid action: the time that it takes the tree to absorb any of these injections, ranges from 30 seconds to 15 minutes, depending on the State of the tree and the variety of the same.
- Persistence: with one application is sufficient in many cases to correct the lack or solve the problem to present in his Phytopathology tree, staying in it for nearly two years.
- Cleaning: using this system, avoiding environmental pollution, especially in the case of treatment of pests, where usually used the method of spraying.
- Efficiency: to inject the active substance directly into the SAP of the tree, we ensure a uniform distribution of the product and in the right amount to get a positive and immediate reaction.

It can be applied both in parks and gardens, and agricultural land and forestry. Systemic injections in urban trees.


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