Pruning of Trees and Palms

We can any tree or Palm tree, regardless of the difficulty and danger, with safe techniques, trees near houses, swimming pools, on top of roofs, etc., with techniques of climbing or lifting platforms.

Depending on the location and access of the working area, we will use techniques or others, for example when there is no access to the lift platform use the climbing.


In the Palm trees climb by bike (the bike is a tool exclusively for the rise of Palm trees without causing any damage to them and at the same time secure).

PLATFORM LIFT (this procedure used it as an alternative to climbing technique in some cases).

Poda de Palmeras

• In cases where the trees are dead and dry long ago, because of the risk of fracture, making it impossible to work using the technique of climbing, (climber).

• In cases of alignments in urban trees allowing pruning more quickly with allowing us a cost savings and security.

• With the platform can access branches with dangerous access where you can use an anchor point to climber, and has access to the entrance of the platform.



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