Unpacking roots

Healthy trees start with healthy soil. The soil around trees in natural environments (such as those that are in the forest) contain diverse populations of microorganisms and available nutrients that feed on each other. Due to these organisms, these trees tend to live longer and stronger.


The soils of the "urban trees" are often very careless. This makes that the trees are stressed and weak, as well as cause that have more diseases and little growth. We have developed various methods to solve these problems, customizing various jobs to help promote a healthy environment on the ground.

Descompactado de Raices

Our "TecnoDescop" program was designed to provide more improvements and richness in nutrients from the soil for trees. The more healthy this soil a tree or shrub, better to be able to fend off pests and diseases. We can restore the health of your trees with natural products and with the unpackeing roots air techniques, which are highly ecological systems.



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